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Speedrun Points

Speedrun Point was a fun project that I did the frontend coding and the design on. The website itself is uses the database form But instead of showing the best scores in the individual games, it shows the best total score in the whole game series. So a speedrunner also have do well at the old games in the series in order to get a good score, and not only the modern or popular ones. Currently we only have a few games on the website, because our focus is on a app project instead. But I do hope to finish this relatively soon.

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Demo Website

This is a demostration website I made in order to show my clients what I can offer them. It includes a CMS system, which means that you can login, and update the website without having to know how to code. You can easly updates all the pictures, text, team members and even blogposts.

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Need For Speed III Hot Pursuit

I Designed this website for the Need For Speed III community.
It's like hub for Need For Speed III, where you can find all the external links.
The website also has handy features that lets you see who is hosting a server, and the
information you need to join. There is also a forum here, but I haven't touched that part of the website.

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Slimy John

Me and some friends was developing a 2D sidescroller game that was
designed for iPad and computers. We used HTMl5 and Javascript
to create this game. the game used to run on all browsers that support HTML5.


Lux Fictus DA

This website was the third website I created for Lux Fictus back in 2012.
My goal was to make it clean and beautiful, with aqua like buttons and menus.
A quote from Steve Jobs sums up what I wanted to create. "We made the buttons on
the screen look so good you'll want to lick them." -- Steve Jobs.

Of Course the website did change over time, and these pictures are
from the latest version, before it was replaced with a completely new design.
In the beginning, I used more textures in order to make the design com alive.

After a Few years, it was time for a redesign. Here we wanted to be creative
with the color use and backgrounds. There was a lot more attention put to what
we wanted our visitors to see. So less become more in this instant

This new website is a lot more modern. It works great whether you are on a
phone, tablet, desktop or a desktop with a 4k monitor.

Event App

Me and my friend Samuel was participating on a hackathon.
We made an app called Event app. This app lets you quickly
create an event under 1 minute. We where the only team
who finished their project

Ping Pong LF

Ping Pong LF was the first game I ever made.
This game was design to run on Windows XP and 7, but later
also ended up suporting macOS. We wrote this game in C++ from scrath.

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